State Bar Court

We have over 50 years of experience defending attorneys against State Bar Accusations.  We know how to defend you and protect your license in State Bar Court.  As soon as you receive an accusation or believe you may, call us to discuss possibilities.

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Nursing Board

We have extensive experience with Nursing Board issues and we can handle and assist you with any accusations from the beginning to the end.  We will help you to protect your license, if the need arises.

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Medical Board

Medical Board cases are our major strength.  We are very well-versed in all issues regarding your medical license and will do our very best to  protect you against any accusation from the Medical Board. We have handled every type of Medical Board issue and we know what to do with your accusation.  Call us if you need help in this area.

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Theodore A. Cohen

DUI and DMV Hearings:  I will handle your DUI case from beginning to end.  My office will set up the DMV Hearing, which can often be a lengthy phone call to the DMV.   A DMV Hearing must be scheduled within 10 days of arrest in order to preserve driving privileges.  I will request discovery and research and consider all possible defense strategies.  I am well versed in DUI defense and have the experience necessary to effect the best possible outcome.  It is unlikely that you will need to appear in court or at the DMV Hearing.  Of course, there are exceptions and cases that your appearance will eventually be necessary, but I will appear at the DMV Hearing and Preliminary Hearings, so you will not have to miss work. Whether this is your first DWI offense or you’re being charged with a second DUI charge, my office has a variety of ethical legal tactics that can increase your chances of a favorable outcome. As your defense lawyer, one of the first steps I take is to examine the discovery, or facts, surrounding your arrest. Occasionally, there are issues with:

  • Illegal stops
  • Improperly conducted field sobriety tests
  • Police interrogation

DUI cases are not slam dunks for prosecutors when a skilled defense attorney is involved. I can help you defend your freedom and protect your driving privileges. Even if you’re accused of refusing to give blood or blow into a breathalyzer, we may have a solid defense at your DMV hearing and at trial, if it comes to that. Contact us for a free initial consultation to learn how I can help you deal with the charges and move forward with your life.

Domestic Crimes:  Many innocent people get accused of committing domestic violence. For a variety of reasons — political correctness, sexism, cynicism or fear of bad press — district attorneys are often reluctant to fairly resolve domestic violence cases. Instead of evaluating the unique facts of each case, district attorneys often apply a rubber stamp approach that in many cases harms the families that prosecutors are supposedly trying to help.

Drug Crimes: Our office understands the seriousness of the drug charges you’re facing. The penalties of conviction vary greatly, depending on many different factors:

*Type of controlled substance involved

*Quantity of drugs involved

*Whether sale or intent to sell is alleged

*Whether you’ve had any prior convictions and if they were felonies or violent felonies

*Whether you agree to receive drug treatment

As your defense lawyer, I’ll spend a great deal of time explaining your rights and your position to you. After hearing your description of events, I’ll develop a legal plan aimed at defending your rights and mitigating potential penalties. Many times, I’m able to obtain reduced charges or lower penalties through negotiating with the prosecutor. If the case calls for it, I’m fully prepared to take your matter to trial and to fight aggressively for a not-guilty verdict. I’ll always protect your legal rights.

Federal Crimes:  Ted is very familiar with Federal Court Proceedings and has the experience needed to win these difficult cases.

Firearms and Gun Offenses:  The law is constantly changing in regards to firearms and Ted has knowledge of the most recent laws and requirements.  If you are charged with a firearm or gun offense, please call us to discuss.

MEDICAL BOARD CASES: When a physician is the subject of a complaint or investigation, it is critical to engage knowledgeable and experienced counsel before responding. Many times counsel can assist a physician in responding effectively to the Medical Board of California, which can result in the investigation being closed with no formal accusation. The anxiety and expense of defending a formal accusation before the Board can be overwhelming. If a formal accusation is filed, a copy of that charging document will be posted on the Board’s website, which can negatively affect a physician’s reputation, even where the allegations are later proven to be without merit.

The Board takes all allegations of misconduct against physicians seriously, and the number of matters forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office for the filing of a formal accusation has increased in recent years even as the total number of complaints against physicians has declined.

Physicians are required to report to the Board where they are charged with a felony offense or if convicted of a misdemeanor.

The medical profession is rewarding but extremely stressful. The Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research reports that 10-12% of physicians will develop a substance abuse disorder during their careers, a rate higher than that of the general public. The legislature previously authorized a physician’s diversion program which in some cases was an alternative to formal discipline. Mr. Cohen was on the Diversion Program Committee Board, and was active in determining if a practitioner was ready to return to practice after rehabilitation. The program ended in 2008 after criticism that it failed to adequately protect the public. A physician with a substance abuse disorder may still be able to continue the practice of medicine, but may be subject to stayed license discipline and formal Board probation. Mr. Cohen has worked with countless persons, including professionals, who have substance abuse disorders and alcoholism, mental illness, or dual diagnosis. We are able to refer professionals for evaluations and treatment recommendations that will often save our client’s life and professional career. In other cases, a physician may be wrongly suspected of a substance abuse disorder or mental illness that is claimed to affect their ability to safely practice. In those cases we can refer a client for an evaluation and undertake investigation which can substantiate to the Board that the physician is not impaired and that the suspicion or allegation is unfounded.

If you receive a call or visit from a Board investigator, a letter from the Board, or an accusation or statement of issues before the Board, you should immediately contact an attorney with experience representing medical professionals in licensing investigations and proceedings. Theodore Cohen can assist you in responding to the Board before an accusation is filed, and can defend you before the Board in an administrative proceeding. In many cases our clients have engaged in no misconduct but instead are the target of an unjust complaint or an unfortunate misunderstanding. In other cases, including matters where a client is chemically dependent or has made an uncharacteristic mistake, we will work with clients to establish mitigating circumstances which may result in no discipline, probation with a stayed license, or a shorter license suspension. In most cases where we are engaged during an investigation we will submit a detailed analysis of the allegations to the investigator along with evidence to support our client’s position that no misconduct occurred or that license discipline is unwarranted.

FEDERAL CRIMES:   We are not a large firm, but we have the experience and resources necessary to defend clients in even the most complex federal criminal cases.  We have successfully represented elected officials, judges, lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, senior business executives, professional athletes and many other individuals who were charged with federal crimes.  Our clients are diverse, but share the same goal of winning their federal criminal case.  That’s why they hire us.

NURSING BOARD:  Nursing is a rewarding profession that also can be extremely stressful. Experts have estimated that as many as 14-20% of practicing nurses suffer from chemical dependency. The Board offers a rigorous diversion program for chemically dependent or mentally ill nurses. Where a nurse voluntarily enrolls in the program prior to an accusation being filed, sometimes the disciplinary process can be avoided. However, nurses in the program may not practice until the program determines that they may safely do so.

If you receive a letter from the Board stating that you are the subject of a complaint or investigation, a letter offering an opportunity to participate in the Board’s diversion program, a letter denying your license, or an accusation or statement of issues before the Board, you should immediately contact an attorney with experience representing nurses in professional licensing matters before you respond. First and foremost, it is important to avoid the filing of a public accusation before the Board which will appear on the Board’s website. We can assist you in preparing a defense as soon as you learn you are the subject of a complaint or accusation which may avoid the anxiety and expense of a public hearing.

In many cases, our clients have engaged in no misconduct but instead are the target of an unjust complaint or an unfortunate misunderstanding. In other cases, our clients have engaged in uncharacteristic conduct resulting in a criminal conviction or have a substance abuse problem. In these cases we work with clients to establish mitigating circumstances that warrant no license discipline or probation instead of a revocation or lengthy suspension.

Juvenile Crimes:  Please call us to discuss your juvenile crime case.

Kidnapping:  Please call us to discuss your case.

Murder/Homicide: Call us to discuss your case.

Probation Violation:  Call us to discuss your case.  Don’t go to jail on a probation violation.  Let us go to court for you instead.

Sex Crimes: Ted has had a lot of success with these types of cases.  They require a strategy unlike other criminal cases.  Evidence and discovery must be thoroughly sifted through and experts must be brought in to win these cases.  Ted has researched the latest laws and cases that have dramatically changed how these cases are ruled.  If you have been charged with a sex crime, call our office immediately so that we can discuss possible options.  It is absolutely imperative to have an attorney that will ask questions and keep you out of jail and off of the internet.  If you are required to register as a sex offender on the internet and want to expunge your misdemeanor or felony, Ted can help you.  We can look at your case and see if there is any possibility of removing the requirement to register.  We have consulted with the best experts in California and can help you get relief.

Termination of Probation: Want to terminate your probation early?  We can help.  Please call us now.

Theft/Shoplifting:  Call our office to discuss your case.

White Collar Crimes: Call our office to discuss your case.

Expungement: We can clean up your record.  Do you have felonies or misdemeanors on your record that are keeping you from getting a job or holding you back in any way? We specialize in criminal expungements and we can get the charges off your name and open up doors for you.  Through a 1203.4 motion, we are able to erase your criminal history.

State Bar Proceedings: Ted has handled many, many State Bar proceedings.  If you receive an accusation from the State Bar, you must call Ted Cohen.  Ted has been arguing State Bar cases for 50 years and is familiar with what needs to happen for an attorney to walk out with his license still intact.  Ted helped start a group called “The Other Bar”, a group of recovering judges and attorneys and he specializes in issues that deal with formally impaired attorneys that are now in recovery.

Medical Board Proceedings:  There is nothing more intimidating to a doctor than a letter from the Medical Board.  Ted has successfully represented doctors for 40 years.  In the eighties, Mr. Cohen assisted in starting the diversion program, a recovery program for impaired doctors, nurses and pharmacists that allowed them to get better, while keeping their licenses and profession.

Nursing Board Proceedings:  Nurses are monitored very carefully.  The Nursing Board comes down hard on nurses that have any criminal charges against them.  Ted has represented nurses in front of the nursing board for 30 years.  In the eighties, Mr. Cohen assisted in starting the diversion program, a recovery program for impaired doctors, nurses and pharmacists that allowed them to get better, while keeping their licenses and profession.

Pharmacy Board Proceedings: Pharmacists are monitored very carefully.  The Pharmacy Board comes down hard on pharmacists that have any criminal charges against them or are suspected of having chemical dependency issues or alcoholism.  Ted has represented pharmacists in front of the pharmacy board for 30 years.  In the eighties, Mr. Cohen assisted in starting the diversion program, a recovery program for impaired doctors, nurses and pharmacists that allowed them to get better, while keeping their licenses and profession.